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How to install?

Included in this dist: (snews17_te19)
- Theme mod
- Anarchy Media Player (read plugins/anarchy_media/anarchy.js for config)
- Language mod
- Show page on menu, mod (MDJ page navigation mod)
(after editing a page, check this option if you want the page to be a menu option or not, default:off, not show in menu)
- Style page mod with "drop down" select
- themes: Crystalx (with Stylepages), sNews org
- "bugg fixes" from TE 1.8 are patched in this dist

-- Step by step to new install of sNews TE 1.9 --

Download snews 1.7 (original) from
Read instruction how to install snews std 1.7
Do a std database and snews install! (db and files)
(Check that it works before you go on to next step)

-- How to install sNews1.7 TE 1.9 --

1. Download the whole package from: (
2. run my db script (sql.txt, in zip file, run 1 row at time)
run mdj dbs script: ALTER TABLE articles ADD show_in_nav enum('YES','NO') default 'YES';

If you have problem with the sql insert just change 34 to 35 or 36 ex: INSERT INTO `settings` VALUES ('35','selected_theme', 'snews') ;
the problem can accoure if you have done some other mods in the 1.7 dist thats use the table "settings"

3. set you db/dbuser/dbpwd in snews.php
4. upload Theme Edition 1.9 package to you site(you can delete all of your existing files exept htaccess file)
( if your going to use anarcy media player, read anarchy.js for config)

If you are going to have languages like swedish, se this link for adjustments in snews.php

How its work?
Log in to admin and make a new page, save it (you must save it first before you can assign a stylepage)

upload your "stylepage" file to the server in your selected theme root folder. If you want a spec css for this file just name a css file the same name as your style page, and save it in your theme css folder (css folder in your selected theme).
Stylepage = newstyle
(Real name: newstyle.php)
Css = newstyle.css

Edit the page you just made, you see under customize a text field style page
Default value: blank
in the dropdown you have all your uploaded "stylepages"

Thats all!
Have fun

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